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Lake Tahoe September 12, 2010

Lake Tahoe Beauty 

My husband and I took a day trip drive to Lake Tahoe for a few reasons; It was our 12th wedding anniversary,  it had been 10 plus years since we had been there ( even though its only 2 hours away) ,  to spend a little non-kid time together, and also for me, to scout out some possible family portrait locations for those who don't mind to travel. We really enjoyed our day and had forgotten how BEAUTIFUL Lake Tahoe is ! 
We didn't have a game plan  per se', just drove and grabbed info maps as we went.

"Spooner Lake" 

Pulling off the main road, followed signs to an entrance to the Tahoe National Forest and with a small walk... this is what we saw ! A small but gorgeous lake ! Its like as if when we turned the corner on the trail a giant neon sign was flashing " didn't expect to find me did you ?" We were amazed with it, the peacefulness felt in the air, and just sheer beauty. Weather was cool crisp air but with bright sunshine on our backs. 
Mother nature just amazes me, and when you least expect it - it gives you this !! 

Off hwy on north eastern side of Lake Tahoe 

And yet another spot more on the North side of Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Wildlife

I am a HUGE animal and wildlife fan. 
Actually fascination would be a better word to describe it. Anytime I am out and about with the camera - I "stalk" the local wildlife.. Just cant get enough of it.  I really love to just look into their eyes...

 Yep.. the hubby was off using the little boys room.. and there I am stalking this cutie ( to my husbands dismay of rodents) !! Much smaller that the ones back home. And extremely quick !  So since he refused to sit still for me..Then I must sit still for him. So I plopped myself down on the walkway near the brush and sat as still as a statue..He eventually thought either I  was part of the environment or  that I really wasn't a threat. With camera aimed at one spot in hopes he would cross that spot and finger ready to push shutter.....Ta Dah

The ducks and geese are obviously used to people - but not okay with you touching them
 ( yes I tried ) ! they just simply wanted food from you..not love... Birds fascinate me with all the textures and details in their feathers. And anytime they oblige to "let" me get some really good close ups I take it 

I think Mr Seagull just was jealous and wanted to know why all the geese and ducks were getting all the attention. Unfortunately, the previous frame with him in full flight about 2 feet above the rock in full wingspan was not in proper focus, nor was I prepared to put it in focus. It would have been an awesome shot if it had happened.

Zephyr Cove 
So that was one spot I told my husband I wanted to see .. the famous " Zephyr Cove" .... and I was NOT disappointed when I got there !! Huge outcrops of rocks, sitting in 100% clear water and white sand. Total family portrait spot !!!! 

Okay so I have had people tell me my "eye" is unique. That I shoot with "weird" or the look on their face says ... "hummm ooookay"  angles ... And yes I will have to agree. I guess the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is true. I'm sure the normal population would not have looked at this and instantly thought " wow a mother nature made frame " . I guess my perception or eye keeps me who I am  - so i wont complain : ) 

 See! framed my husbands beautiful face !!! He even gave me a weird look when I asked him to climb over there and look back at me through the rocks. He said " huh?"....But then after the shot and he saw it - he loved it ! 

More rock formations - Just wanted to show you the size of these puppies. Thats the tip top of the formation. ( kind of looks like a tip of the finger - as if the rocks finger was cut )

And heres yet another... hummm okkaayyy moments. As we are walking along the white sand beach headed back to the car to continue our travels.. I stopped and took several ( ok alot) of shot of this old stump. Hubby says. "how many pictures can you take of an old stump?" I see the stump and see history, character, life once living, and life that has been lost.  Everything has a story - not just humans.

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